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Now and then you may get sick because of exposure to bacteria or suffer a minor accident that requires the therapeutic help of a doctor. Whenever you are visiting a doctor with any symptoms, the only way that the doctor can be sure of what is affecting you is by conducting a series of tests on you. It is key for a doctor to run these tests on you so he or she can determine the ailment or condition you are experiencing so he or she can prescribe the right drugs expected to treat the illness. The human body is a very complex structure which has different reactions to different kinds of medication depending on the genes of a person therefore you find that some people are allergic to some types of drugs.

If you are allergic to a certain type of drug or ingredients in a drug, you ought to make sure you tell the doctor who will treat you to ensure he or she does not prescribe them to you. Carrying such information with you each time you visit a doctor can be extremely cumbersome however with the advancement in technology, a patient’s therapeutic record can be electronically documented and made accessible to any doctor from any medical facility at whatever point required. The exchange of a patient’s medical record from one hospital to another is normally done electronically and is referred to as Health Information exchange which is being adopted by different hospitals as a result of its viability.

There is a great deal that the doctor treating you can find from your medical records from consulting your Health Information exchange information which is advantegous to both the patient and the doctor. The medical tests done in a hospital are by and large costly but if you had undergone those restorative tests beforehand in another hospital the results of those medical tests will be in your electronic file. You will therefore be able to spare the cash you would have used to undergo a similar medical test you had just undergone in another hospital. Research done on the utilization of Health Information exchange in present day clinics has demonstrated that it has enhanced the diagnoses done by doctors which has for the most part prompted an increase in the number of patients that recoup.

A person’s therapeutic record is extremely private and ought not be accessed by anybody without the patients knowledge and consent. In the event that this happens, the patient can go to a courtroom to look for remuneration in the form of damages thus a hospital that offers electronic documenting of patients medicinal records should guarantee that all the therapeutic information of all patients is safe and can not be accessed by any other person apart from the clinic.
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