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Information on Syria Civilian Abuse

When it comes to the Syrian civil conflict, it is with no doubt that majority of the human rights have been violated. Human rights ought to be respected but according to a number of international groups, this is not the case in this particular country. There are a number of different groups that are fighting in Syria but those who are severely affected by the situation are those who have been caught in the midst of the warring groups.

Since this particular war began, a lot of casualties have been reported and also people have been forced to leave their homes. Families have lost their loved ones whereas some have to live with permanent disabilities as a result of the way. Not only has this affected the livelihood of the civilians but also the overall health of the people as this is something that they cannot just erase from their lives.

The violations of the civilian rights has not only been done by the warring rebels since the government has also contributed to the war meaning that it has also violated a lot of the human rights. The current reigning regime has been implicated by the international organizations in some of the chemical wars that have been launched on its citizens. Attack with chlorine gas leading to a number of casualties is the most known chemical war that was launched by the government.

In this war, the children have also been affected. A lot of their rights have been violated. A disturbing case is whereby some of the fighting rebel groups have recruited child soldiers to be at the forefront of their attacks. For them, they have to follow the rules that have been given to them by their trainers. Being actively involved in this war means that they get to risk their lives and lead the kind of life that is offered to them. Truth of the matter also is that most of the individuals go for a long time without consuming anythings. Most of the aid offering individuals have often been attacked before they get to reach their target destination.

The warring groups have also not spared the health facilities, which are meant to act as a place of refuge. As a result of this, it has become almost impossible to offer even the basic life saving procedures and hence the loss of lives which could have been saved had there been a good health facility. Individuals who are meant to save lives, such as doctors have also become casualties of the war. For the war to end, the concerned international organizations need to hold meeting with the warring parties and discuss the way forward.

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